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halF unusuaL


Ambient glitch and angular broken beats from Nottingham UK, Robin Hood’s ‘hood! 😉


Obsessed with sound in a constant search for something fresh, tinkering with technology, bass guitar and synths. Sonic experiments from halF unusuaL (aka Darren Bourne) pop up in various places supporting other projects and in a few audio-only collections on the usual streaming services as well as a huge catalogue of tracks on SoundCloud going back years.


IF, halF unusuaL's debut album was released September 2017 - listen ... and read a review

... the latest release and other key links ...


For further unusuaL exploration:

Two albums on the Tsuku Boshi label - ruminatioN (2021) and meditatioN (2021)


Contributions to the Disquiet Junto, and interview with Marc Weidenbaum


Naviar Records interview and live-streamed set (2021), London gig live set (2019), and contributions to the haiku challenge


Ongoing collaboration with WalkingEars


Contribution to Aether Waves Vol.3


The first of 20 albums in the 20x20 project


EPs with Martin Hoogeboom, we came from the shadows (2019) and we trust you (2018)


Collaboration with lone arrivals; neuroverse (2019) and ego science (2019), supported by fanfare records


Albums with odDeleCtroniC: 2d (2014) and

 .We .Think .What .You .Think (2013)

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