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halF unusuaL ...


often minimal, always unusuaL - electroacoustic and experimental electronic music, film soundtracks, remixes and auraLs from Nottingham, UK


the debut halF unusuaL debut EP - I F - was released September 2017 - search on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, etc. - or click on the link below:

I F (2017) ... read a review ...

halF unusuaL is Darren Bourne, whose career to date has included international sound engineering, production, performing and writing credits across a variety of genres and platforms from pop to film music and sound design to contemporary dance and theatre. Amongst other things, including contributing to the disquiet junto, he is currently engaged in a

solo album project as well as remix work for

Berlin artist, Merlin Dietrich

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