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Amongst other things, each halF unusuaL auraL is - or at least can be - an exercise in 'sonic mindfulness'.


Playing with minimality, there is always more 'there' than meets the ear.


Make use of an auraL as an object of deep listening; for longer experiences perhaps repeating the shorter files on your device or creating your own playlists.


Our contemporary sonic environment makes it a real challenge to engage with more ancient approaches to hearing, for example appreciating a chant or similar. This means we miss out on obscure benefits enjoyed by generations gone, but all is not lost. You can achieve similar states and rewards with this  modern hi-tech surrogate, more tuned in to current auditory experience.


You can find your own 'method', but tips and advice on deep listening are available by contacting halF unusuaL. When you discover the value 'hidden' in the auraLs, please spread the word!


The more people participate, the more the project will be able to continue ...

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