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A little auraL history ...

The halF unusuaL project was born on 2nd May 2015 with the uploading of halF spacE jazZ, the only three word title in the catalogue so far ...

There were 43 tracks uploaded to SoundCloud in 2015; nearly 2.5 hours of music. All this before having the courage to contribute to the Disquiet Junto, the Naviar Haiku Challenge, or to make a 'proper' album. Here are those original 43 tracks, unadorned and unedited, in chronological order ... A bit of history! Enjoy! 😊

I'm aiming to rework some of them ... and will probably be guided by which ones attract more interest in this playlist ... Your plays, likes and reposts are also therefore your 'votes' ... Thanks in advance! 🙏🤗

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