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My first synth!

I was delighted that those brilliant people at Cherry Audio released the Octave Cat plug-in on Tuesday. The Cat was a physical clone released by Behringer a few years back; for which I was also first in the queue. The reason I’m so excited is that my first ever synth in the early 80’s was an Octave Cat. Given it was my whole ‘set up’, eventually paired with a Tuscan 244 Portastudio to record it, I knew it pretty well - and loved it to bits!! I thoroughly regret selling it for £50 10 years later when I was strapped for cash!

So, I had to have a play with this new virtual version. It’s great fun and definitely reminds me of the real thing in the way it sounds. I created this strange little ditty first. Then I used it as the basis for the latest Disquiet Junto submission, filtering the original tune using a stylised drawing of the word ‘unusuaL’, which you can hear here. You can also see exactly what the filter’s doing here.

If you’re struggling to find something amazing to listen to before the new halF unusuaL release this Sunday, check it out! 😉🤗 Enjoy!

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