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semI autO biO graphicaL

One of my favourite projects over the last few years was the 20x20 Project, instigated by Neil Stringfellow of Audio Obscura fame. halF unusuaL had the honour of being the first of 20 albums, each one containing 20 tracks, each 20 seconds long! Starting 20th January 2020, a new album was released every 20 days!

It was such a lovely idea to celebrate 2020! Little did we all know what a strange year 2020 was to turn out to be with the arrival of covid-19 ...

Hopefully, the construction and patterning of the halF unusuaL offering, 'semI autO biO graphicaL', is fairly clear and/or reasonably easy to work out - I'm happy to expand if not, though. It's sometimes tricky to see how obvious design principles and approaches are in the final product; clearly always obvious to the creator!

Take a listen to the album, by clicking on the image below, and also check out some of the other contributions to the 20x20 Project - 20 seconds is a wonderfully challenging format for a complete track!

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