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Un(w)rappeD! New release today!

After a tantalising wait, we're delighted to announce the arrival of the latest halF unusuaL track, now available on all the streaming services, halF (w)rappeR ...

Making good use of meticulous binaural recordings of a mic trapped inside an empty coffee bean bag (!) the track tips its hat to techniques used in the ASMR world ... so, don't be surprised if you find you get tingles running down your spine when you listen!

There's even a little tune - most unusuaL for halF unusuaL! - which is made with the new Octave Cat plugin from Cherry Audio. As we've posted before, this synth holds a special place in our hearts 🥰

Enjoy the track! Tell your friends ...!

Pssst ... keep it under your hat, but there's some halF unusuaL merch on the way ...

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